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The Albert and Margaret Alkek Foundation was established to provide support for charitable, religious, scientific, literary and educational organizations and programs serving the people of the State of Texas.

Grants are made only to nonprofit organizations that are recognized as public charities by the Internal Revenue Service.
Grants are limited to organizations and projects serving the State of Texas.
The Foundation does not make grants to individuals or loans of any type.
The Foundation does not make direct scholarships to students. All scholarship programs are administered through educational institutions.
The Foundation does not make grants intended to influence legislation or to support candidates for political office.

Application Process

The funding available for unsolicited grants is very limited and to conserve an applicant’s time and resources, the Foundation asks that qualified applicants submit a brief letter of inquiry instead of a fully developed proposal or an application form.

The one to two-page letter of inquiry should include brief descriptions of your organization and the project for which funds are being considered. It should also state the amount of funding needed in total as well as the amount being requested from the Foundation.

The applicant may include brochures or other materials available at hand, describing the organization or proposal in greater detail. Please do not include tax returns, detailed budget packages or financial statements with your submission.

The Foundation will use your letter of inquiry to determine the possibility of support. If the Foundation is interested in learning more about your organization and its project, you will be contacted for additional information and documentation.

The Foundation accepts grant requests throughout the year and has no deadlines for submitted requests.

The Foundation prefers not to fund:

Fund-raising events, advertising in programs, memorials for individuals or other similar activities
Student organizations or charities operated by service clubs
The purchase of uniforms, equipment, or trips for school-related organizations or sports teams

As a rule, the Foundation will usually consider only one application from an organization within a twelve-month period. Subsequent proposals from organizations previously funded by the Foundation will not be considered until a full report of the previous grant has been submitted.

Inquiries should be sent (via the US Postal Service) to the address below. No facsimile or e-mail applications will be accepted.

Grant Applications
Albert and Margaret Alkek Foundation
1100 Louisiana, Suite 5250
Houston, Texas 77002

All materials submitted remain the property of the Foundation.

Albert and Margaret Alkek Foundation
1100 Louisiana, Suite 5250
Houston, Texas 77002
Tel: 713.652.6601